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Watch Yunus Emre Season 1 Episode 9 with Bangla Subtitles

Watch Yunus Emre Episode 9 with Bangla Subtitles Free on Durbeen media! Watch Yunus Emre Season 1 Episode 9 with Bangla Subtitles FREE!

Yunus Emre, (born c. 1238, Turkey—died c. 1320, Turkey), was a poet and mystic who exercised a powerful influence on Turkish literature. Though legend obscures the facts of his life, he is known to have been a Sufi (Islamic mystic) who sat for 40 years at the feet of his master, Tapduk Emre. Yunus Emre was well-versed in mystical philosophy, especially that of the 13th-century poet and mystic Jalāl ad-Dīn ar-Rūmī.

Like Rūmī, Yunus Emre became a leading representative of mysticism in Anatolia but on a more popular level; he was venerated as a saint after his death. His poems, which are devoted mainly to the themes of divine love and human destiny, are characterized by deep feelings. He wrote in a straightforward, almost austere style and mainly in the traditional syllabic meter of Anatolian folk poetry. His verse had a decisive influence on later Turkish mystics and inspired the poets of the Renaissance of Turkish national poetry after 1910.

Yunus Emre was a spiritual poet of the Sufi genre. He was born in 1238 and died in 1320. The influence of his poetry can be seen in the Anatolia region of Turkey. That is, the people and culture of Anatolia were greatly influenced by him. When the new era of modern Turkey was just beginning, he wrote poetry in Anatolian Turkish. The UNESCO General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution in 1991, declaring the 13th anniversary of the poet’s birth, “International Yunus Emre Year”.

In a word, Yunus’s Emre had a great influence on Turkish literature and the influence of his poetry in Anatolia and Turkey is still noticeable today. There are good reasons for that. Yunus Emre, after Ahmed Yesvi and Sultan Walad, was one of the first poets to write in the spoken Turkish of his time and region rather than Persian or Arabic.
His fiction is still very popular among contemporaries in central and western Anatolia. It is the language of many anonymous folk poets, folk songs, fairy tales, jokes, and proverbs. This is very much like Kurkut Ber, the grandfather of such Aghujs.

Turkish folklore was a contemporary device of his and It was passed down orally to his contemporaries inspiring Yunus Emr to use tikarmamlr as they did. When the Mongols invaded Anatolia in 1243 at the Battle of Kosh Dagh, Yunus Emr’s poetry became widely popular and he became widely known. Due to this, he is a very popular figure in several countries ranging from Azerbaijan to the Balkans. Of which seven different and widely scattered localities claim to have his tomb among their tombs.

Poems and songs written by him are still sung by Sufi artists of Turkey in Sufi events at home and abroad.
Several of his poems have been translated into Bengali and a book of his poems translated into Bengali is also available on online book selling sites.

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Yunus Emre Episode 9 with Bangla Subtitles

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