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Yabani Season 1 Episode 10 English Subtitles

Yabani Season 1 Episode 10 English Subtitles For FREE! Watch Yabani Episode 10 English Subtitles

Serial: Yabani
Title in English: WILD
Genre: Drama
Video Quality: FULL HD

While Alaz is driving away on the boat he was escaping from, Rüzgar’s statement to the police shocks Serhan. While Asi and Cesur blame Yaman for the statement he gave to the police, Alaz also has a new confession to his father Serhan. When Çağla learns that she is forbidden from seeing Rüzgar, who is in their hospital, she asks Cesur for help.

Cesur is left not knowing what to do in the face of the request of the girl he loves. While Yaman sits at the same table with Güven and shares his troubles, Alaz confides his heart to Serhan. Now it’s time to spill what you’ve been keeping inside for years about why you hate Yaman. When Çağla learns that it was not only Yaman but also Alaz who put Rüzgar into a coma, she draws both of her brothers into a terrible trap in order to teach them a lesson.

Moreover, by using Rüya as bait. While Doctor Güven decides on the surgery necessary for Umut to walk, Serhan pursues a plan that the devil would never think of. According to the plan, Umut will die, while Ece will recover and return home.

While Serhan and Şebnem are shaken by the knowledge that Eşref wants an autopsy, Serhan gives Şebnem the lesson of her life. Faced with the accusation of killing Caner, Şebnem has no choice but to run away. While Yaman and Rüya renew their love, Asi and Alaz are left paralyzed by the sealed love.

While Alaz makes a move that will shock Asi, Serhan puts the biggest obstacle in front of Yaman’s love for Rüya.

Convinced that Yaman was kidnapped by his uncle Caner Soysalan, the Soysalans are on their feet again.
He is trying to get up.

Neslihan now wants her children to be siblings again. Alaz and Çağla Neslihan in the past The day he opened his wounds by accusing him of being a mother he couldn’t do, Yaman was the only missing child in this family. He realizes that he is not himself. He promises his mother to be a brother to Ali’s siblings. Cagla On the road he sets out to save Rüzgar, he learns from Alaz that he will never be a brother to him in the most painful way and will experience it as it is.

Serhan, who is now a hero for his entire family, is on the ice with Neslihan.
When he melts, his love for his wife flares up again. This situation tells Şebnem that she wants to ruin this relationship. He makes a big move. As Güven entered the hospital with his son Yaman, he was closed. The first of the mysterious doors of the past is opened…

Watch Yabani Episode 10 with English Subtitles

He is now sure that Yaman İlker is the father of his collaborator. However, it will not be easy to convince Neslihan that her husband was the one who kidnapped her son. Yaman, who devises a plan to bring his father’s yarn to market with the help of Cesur and Asi, is successful. Now Neslihan has to face the truth, no matter how difficult it is. “Why would a father do this to his son?” Because he found the answer to his question.

Realizing that he has come to the end of the road, Serhan runs away. Alaz and Yaman intersect on their way to find Serhan. However, one of them is trying to save his father and the other is trying to settle scores. When the two brothers find Serhan in his hiding place, the truth they encounter will change the balance in the Soysalan family again.

Watch Yabani 10 with English Subtitles

“Who are you protecting from whom?” said the Savage. “Take us from the streets, or take the streets away from us?”

Ali, who was kidnapped from a well-established family and hit the streets when he was only four years old, returns home seventeen years later as Yaman. This story is the story of this young man’s struggle to recreate himself as “Yaman Ali”.

Yabani Episode 10


Selcan Hatun is face to face with death! Osman Bey is making a surprise move against Mongolian commander Balgay! Balgay, who comes to Kayı Obası and digests the people with various injuries, wants to sense the trap prepared for him and drink it to his poisonous daughter Selcan Hatun, while Gündüz and Batur are on the verge of execution.

Dundar cannot oppose Balgay for the fate of the Oban, while Bala and Bamsı; start a revolt against the Mongols! On the other hand, Osman Bey’s only hope is to play against Balgay using the secret he learned from the Ak Sakallı and the relics he received. Will Selcan Hatun die? Can Samsa Sergeant and the Alps survive bondage? Will Gündüz and Batur be executed? Will the rebellion initiated by Bamsı and Bala against the Mongols be successful? Mr. Osman; Can Selcan Hatun prevent the death of Gündüz and Batur?


Watch Yabani Episode 10 with English Subtitles
Watch Yabani 10 with English Subtitles
Watch Yabani Season 1 Episode 10 English Subtitles Ardirilisertugrul

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