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Watch Bir Fetih Ulkusu KizilElma with English Subtitles

Watch kizilElma with English Subtitles

Watch Bir Fetih Ulkusu Kizilelma with English Subtitles

Watch KizilElma Sultan Mehmed with English Subtitles

Season 1

Kizil Elma means red apple and red apple means Constantinople, about which the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said ‚ÄúConstantinople will be conquered one day or another, how honorable is that army, how honorable is the commander‚ÄĚ

For being this honorable army from the Companions to the Imams throughout the ages. Many commanders, from the Mustahidin to the Tabetabiyin, laid down their lives within the walls of this city. Dedicated himself to Islam and becoming an honorable force.

Hundreds of years have passed but the prophecy of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has not been fulfilled, but when the Seljuk Caliphate came after the Abbasi, Umayya, Fatimi Caliphates, they tried and failed. Watch

KizilElma English Subtitles

And ever since the Ottoman Empire was founded, every sultan wanted this honorable army to be from the Turks. One by one, six sultans ruled and left. Years so strong forces that could not win. After so many years, a lion named Mehmed Khan was born to conquer it. Kizil Elma i.e. Constantinople was conquered by him. The Turks called Constantinople Kizil Elma, and they dreamed of conquering it, and they conquered it in the end.

Ottoman Sultan II. Murad orders the famous doctor Akshemseddin, whose name is frequently mentioned in the council, to be brought to the palace. When Akshemseddin accepts to be the Lala of Shahzade Mehmed, the legend of both Mehmed and Akshemseddin will begin.

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