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Watch Kardeslerim Season 4 Episode 101 with English Subtitles

Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles FREE, Watch Kardeslerim Season 4 Episode 101 with English Subtitles

Serial: Kardeslerim
Title in English: MY BROTHERS
Genre: Drama
Actors: Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Su Burcu Coskun, Yigit Kocak
Director: Nazli Hepturk
Duration: 111 minutes
Quality: FULL HD
Year: 2021, 2022, 2023

Image Credit – atv

“The most lonely place in this city is my heart now.”
Mahir quickly takes Asiye, who was poisoned by gas at the house where he works, to the hospital. While Akif is surprised to see Süreyya, whom he met outside the city, suddenly appear before him again, the ice between Orhan and Fatma slowly begins to melt. Lidya continues to devise sneaky games to drive a wedge between Süsen and Ömer. At the opening of the new club, in which Akif and Yaman are partners, unexpected and important developments occur. Berk’s firm decision to go abroad confronts Aybike with the deep fear of losing her loved one.

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Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles

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Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles

“If they said everyone should go where they are happy, we would still be left in the middle!”
While Suzan faces the fear of being arrested because of the crime she is accused of, Akif and Şevval are also pursuing different plans. Fatma is looking for a radical solution against Orhan, who wants to send her away from home. Akif, who goes out of town to handle the business of the club he will open with Yaman, encounters someone unexpected. While the tension between Lidya and Süsen bothers Ömer, Asiye, who finds a new job to support the family, is left in great danger.

“Do not break so that you have a branch to hold on to…”
While the Eren family is surprised by the arrival of Orhan’s mother Fatma, Suzan follows the mysterious call from Sado. Feeling embarrassed towards Berk, Aybike begins to move further and further away from Berk. Fatma shows interest in each family member and tries to make them love her. The surprise name, newly enrolled at Ataman College, sows the seeds of new tensions. While important developments are taking place on the Yaman and Akif front, Suzan, who wants to uncover the mystery behind Ahmet’s death, is faced with a situation she never expected.

Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles

“The only person in this life who wants us to laugh is the photographer!”
While Orhan, who was injured while trying to save Ömer from the fight, is rushed to the hospital, Aybike is also shocked by the facts she learned about Ayla. While Akif continues to fall for Mahir more and more day by day, he also takes the first step in his new business. Şevval imposes incessant rules targeting the Eren cousins at Ataman College. While things go wrong on Şengül’s side, Suzan receives a shocking phone call. An uninvited guest arrives at the Orhans’ house, surprising the Eren family. Watch Kardeslerim 101 English Subtitles

“Everything came together, but you didn’t come…”
After Doruk’s death, Akif, who wants to harm himself, is in serious danger. While Asiye is deeply saddened by the loss of her loved one, she, along with Ömer, is extremely tolerant towards Orhan and Şengül. Ayla’s tense attitude and actions make Berk suspicious when she finds an item that shouldn’t be there at home. While some of Akif’s moves under the influence of the pain he is experiencing worry Nebahat, the situation that Ömer, who finds a new job to support the household, is drawn into, produces an unexpected result.

Watch Kardeslerim ep 101 English Subtitles

“Sometimes it is the hand you hold that hits you from behind…”
Children trying to recover after their terrible accident say “hello” to the new term of Ataman College. While the success of the cooking program that Şengül and Orhan started continues at full speed, Şengül is still pursuing different plans of her own. While unexpected developments take place on the Ömer and Sarp front, Akif brings everyone together for a surprise invitation. Some suddenly revealed facts create a great shock for the Eren brothers and confront Akif and Nebahat with great horror.

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Celil Nalçakan (Akif), Cüneyt Mete (Orhan), Fadik Sevin Atasoy (Şengül), Ahu Yağtu (Suzan), Simge Selçuk (Nebahat), Yiğit Koçak (Ömer), Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun (Asiye), Aylin Akpınar (Emel), Cihan Şimşek (Oğulcan), Melis Minkari (Aybike), Lizge Cömert (Süsen), Recep Usta (Berk), Berk Ali Çatal (Tolga), Atakan Özkaya (Sarp Yılmaz), Eylül Lize Kandemir (Yasmin).

Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles
Watch Kardeslerim Episode 101 English Subtitles
Watch Kardeslerim 101 English Subtitles
Watch Kardeslerim 101 English Subtitles
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Watch MY BROTHERS Season 2 with English Subtitles
Watch MY BROTHERS Season 1 with English Subtitles

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