State Farm Drive Safe and Save Review

State Farm Drive Safe and Save Review program is a telematics-based insurance initiative designed to reward safe driving habits and potentially lower auto insurance premiums. Telematics insurance programs, increasingly common among major providers, leverage GPS-enabled technology to monitor driving behaviours and adjust rates accordingly.

How Drive Safe and Save Works:

State Farm Drive Safe and Save operates by tracking various aspects of your driving behaviour, including acceleration, braking, cornering, mileage, speed, timing, and phone usage. Recent technological advancements offer multiple methods for obtaining diagnostics on driving behaviours:

  1. Track With a Smartphone:
    • Utilize the Drive Safe & Save mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices.
    • The app not only tracks driving habits but also identifies instances of unsafe behaviours, such as phone usage while driving.
  2. Track With a Connected Car:
    • Owners of 2020 or newer Ford and Lincoln vehicles can connect to Drive Safe & Save without using a mobile app.
    • Telematics data is transmitted through the FordPass® or Lincoln Way® account.
  3. Track With OnStar®:
    • OnStar® users can connect to Drive Safe & Save without the mobile app, as OnStar® reports data to adjust State Farm auto insurance premiums.

What Drive Safe and Save Monitors:

Drive Safe & Save monitors key driving habits that significantly impact the risk of accidents. These include:

  1. Accelerating: Hard accelerations may increase accident risk, potentially impacting rates.
  2. Braking: Gradual stops are preferred, and frequent hard stops may influence rates.
  3. Cornering: Safe cornering involves slowing down before turns and accelerating gradually afterwards.
  4. Miles Driven: Annual mileage is a major factor, with fewer miles reducing accident risk.
  5. Speeding: Maintaining a safe speed is crucial for accident prevention.
  6. Timing: Certain times, like rush hour and late at night, carry higher accident risks.
  7. Phone Usage: Distracted driving, including phone usage, can impact rates.

How to Set Up Drive Safe & Save:

  1. Get the App:
    • Download the Drive Safe & Save app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, or receive a download link by texting “SAVE” to 42407.
  2. Set Up Your Account:
    • Follow app instructions to set up your Drive Safe & Save account.
  3. Connect Your Car:
    • Install the Bluetooth beacon provided by State Farm to begin tracking driving behaviour.

How to Set Up the Drive Safe and Save Beacon:

  1. Get Your Beacon:
    • State Farm mails the Bluetooth beacon upon Drive Safe & Save enrollment.
  2. Pair Your Beacon:
    • Open the app, press and hold the beacon button, and complete the setup by matching the ID.
  3. Mount Your Beacon:
    • Once paired, remove the sticker, and mount the beacon in a non-obstructive location for clear visibility.

How to Lower Rates With Drive Safe & Save:

By practising safe driving habits, policyholders can significantly reduce rates. Tips include slowing down, braking gently, easing into corners, avoiding phone use, steering clear of rush hour and late-night driving, and minimizing overall mileage. How Does Car Insurance Work?

Can Your Rates Go Up With Drive Safe & Save?

While the program can lead to savings of up to 30%, it is not guaranteed. Unsafe driving habits may increase rates, emphasizing the importance of cautious driving for sustained discounts.

Who Is Drive Safe and Save Good For?

Drive Safe & Save is beneficial for various motorists, including high-risk drivers, young drivers, drivers with bad credit, and those already practising safe driving habits.

The Bottom Line:

State Farm Drive Safe & Save provides an opportunity for motorists to reduce auto insurance costs based on driving habits. However, potential savings depend on consistent safe driving. Realistic self-assessment is crucial, as the program may lead to rate increases if unsafe driving persists.

Recommended Alternatives:

For those exploring alternatives, Nationwide’s SmartRide offers savings of up to 40%, while Geico’s DriveEasy program complements its reputation for budget-conscious coverage with low initial rates.

In conclusion, State Farm Drive Safe & Save is a valuable option for drivers seeking potential savings through safe driving practices. Understanding program details, assessing privacy concerns, and practising safe driving is key to maximizing benefits.

What is a good percentage of the State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

State Farm says that good habits can save drivers up to 30% on their car insurance, and the company gives out a 10% initial discount just for joining the program. Most motorists probably won’t receive the maximum Drive Safe & Save discount, though.

Does Drive Safe and Save track your speed?

Drive Safe & Save tracks your speed along with several other types of data. The program also measures behaviours like stopping, cornering and accelerating.

How much do you save with the Drive Safe and Save app?

How much you save with State Farm Drive Safe and Save depends on your driving habits. State Farm advertises that motorists can save up to 30%. However, you could save far less or even pay higher premiums than before depending on your driving habits. Multiple Drive Safe & Save reviews mention this happening, so be careful before signing up for the program.

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