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Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle






Historical context:


Artagrul Usman Ghazi was the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the founder of the Ottoman dynasty. At the time of Uthman the Ottoman Empire was small in size and later it became a huge empire. The empire lasted till the dissolution of the Sultanate in 1922. Born 13 February 1256 in Sogut, Anatolia. Father-Artugrul Gazi, mother-Halima Hatun.


According to popular belief, Ertugrul, the father of the first Uthman, brought the Kayi tribe from Central Asia to Anatolia, protecting them from Mongol aggression. Uthman Rum Sultan was the first to show allegiance to Kaikobad. On January 17, 1299, Rum Sultan granted him permission to establish a kingdom in Anatolia and to extend the frontier to the Byzantines in the west.


The Ottoman Empire was one of the small Turkish kingdoms that emerged in Anatolia after the breakup of the Seljuks. Among these states, the Ottomans eventually united Anatolia under Turkish rule. Due to the western invasion of the Mongols, many Muslims took refuge in the kingdom of Uthman. With the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire began to rise.




After the death of his father, Uthman became the chief or bay. By this time, troops from all over the Islamic world had gathered in the area under his rule to fight against the weakened Byzantine Empire. Numerous refugees also took refuge in the emirate of Uthman to escape the Mongols. Many of them were Gazi. Under the able leadership of Uthman, these warriors quickly developed into effective forces and laid the foundation of the empire.




Uthman’s contribution as ruler

The Ottoman or Ottoman Empire is named after Uthman. Uthman was a skilled administrator as well as a skilled soldier. At the same time, Uthman’s character traits included knowledge and tolerance. Uthman was respected by all around him, big and small, because he did not impose anything on anyone as a ruler. As a result, there was no conflict between his followers, only loyalty among all. His followers worked with him and obeyed him peacefully. And in this way social unity is formed in a small state and the state gains stability. In addition to this, Uthman formed his own army and conducted various operations himself. Uthman embraced the ideology of Caliph Osman and placed justice above wealth and power like that of Caliph Osman.


At the same time his personal sovereignty was over the governing work, so there was no hereditary conflict between the Ottomans like other dynasties of the time. Most of the leaders of Uthman’s neighboring villages and forts were Christians and they were at one time enemies but over time they developed friendly relations with him and they converted to Islam. Not all Christians in the Ottoman lands were forced to convert, but a large number of Christians converted to Islam of their own choosing because they felt they were being ignored by the Byzantine rulers and the administration in Constantinople was deteriorating. As a result, they are inclined towards’ Uthman, who is well-organized and loyal. This opened up various opportunities for the Muslims and the Asian Greeks leaned towards new beliefs and new regimes. In this way the Ottoman Turks emerged not only as nomads but also as creators and builders. The Ottomans were a model of an ideal society whose goal was to become like the Byzantines, meaning to seize power in the same way that the Seljuk Turks had filled the void left by the Arab Empire.

Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle Kurulus Osman Episode 78 English Subtitle

Slowly increase the boundaries of the state


Uthman was in no hurry to expand the borders of his kingdom by occupying the neighboring kingdoms. Usman, a slow-moving character, was waiting for the opportunity. His doctrine was to survive and learn and thus work in the Byzantine territory. At that time the Byzantines ruled over three cities. To the south was Bursa, in the middle was Nikaya and to the north was Nicomedia. The three locations were only a day’s drive from Uthman’s capital, but Uthman did not attack at first. But he knew that the fortifications of the region were very important to Constantinople. That is why he was waiting for the right time for some of his own weaknesses and attacks. In the meantime the strength of his own forces increased. At one time Artughurul’s 400 warriors grew into a large force of 4,000 warriors, but Uthman had more opportunities to raise warriors.



Unemployed soldiers from neighboring areas are easily drawn into their ranks because they have long been the subject of neglect and harassment from Constantinople. Twelve years after assuming power in the first year of the fourteenth century, Uthman became embroiled in a bitter war with the Byzantine Empire. When the Ottomans began looting in Nicomedia, Greek troops came to their aid and were easily defeated. The defeat of the royal army at the hands of a common leader caused concern among the Byzantine rulers and they began to consider Uthman’s territory, thus increasing Uthman’s reputation. At the same time, warriors from different parts of the area joined his group and began to proudly identify themselves as followers of ‘Uthman.


But Uthman waited for another chance without attacking the enthusiastic Nicomedia. Seven years later, when he thought he was strong enough, he attacked the river Sarkaza behind Nicoma and entered the Bosphorus for the first time as a conqueror. Gradually before this, various seaports and forts of the Black Sea were occupied and the communication system between Bursa and Nicomedia was damaged. He attacked Bursa by land, disrupting communication between the two cities by sea, and took possession of it in 1328, and Usman died. The first capital of the Ottomans was established in the occupied Bursa and he was buried in Bursa according to the wishes of Uthman.


Usman Ghazi respected the famous Sheikh Edibali and valued his views. He often met Edibali.


He told Edibali the next day about the dream he had while staying at Edibali Dargah one night. He said, “My Sheikh, I saw you in a dream. A moon appeared on your chest. It rises and descends on my chest. A tree rises from my navel. It grows and its branches grow so much that its shadow covers the whole earth.” What is the meaning of this dream? “


After a moment of silence, Edibali explains:


“Congratulations Usman! Almighty God has given you and your descendants sovereignty. My daughter will be your wife and the whole world will be safe for your children. ”


Uthman’s dream played a significant role in the rise of the Ottoman Empire. To Ottoman scholars this dream was an important literary element.

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