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Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9 English Subtitles

Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9 English Subtitles – The Kırlangıç team’s only chance to participate in the big race is for Zeynep to win the last elimination race. Zeynep is uneasy because she has to win the race. He has nightmares at night and thinks that everyone will be disappointed if he does not win. His teammates support him. Aspar does his best to demoralize Zeynep.

Will Şahin and Müge be able to prevent Zeynep from competing?

Will the swallow team qualify for the big race?

Team Swallow will participate in the qualifiers before the big race, but there are some obstacles. With the support of the Company, Aspar makes new moves to prevent Kırlangıç from participating in the eliminations.

The neighbourhood, families and team members are preparing for the elimination competition. Will Team Swallow pass the qualifying rounds and qualify for the big race?

Onguç misunderstood the conversation between Selim Hodja and his mother and decided to leave the team, upsetting his friends. They try to give up, but Tonguç violates the rules and reduces their points to get himself kicked off the team. Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9

Aspar starts listening to the conversations of Selim and the Kırlangıç Team with the listening device he placed in the office. With the help of Şahin and Müge, he makes plans to sabotage Kırlangıç before the big elimination.

The Kırlangıç Team, which is about to disband, designs a technological device to search for Yiğit Efe’s lost bracelet. Thus, they successfully pass the test of working together and being a team. There are exciting moments when the drone the team is working on makes its first flight attempt in the neighbourhood. Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9

Aspar, who thinks that he has disbanded the Kırlangıç Team and will move out of the neighbourhood, is greatly disappointed. He has failed the Company and must make new plans to fix the situation.

Aspar’s sudden move to the neighbourhood makes Selim nervous. He is aware that this is also the Company’s plan. Aspar, who forms his team with Şahin and Müge, also meets the locals and tries to make them like him. Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9

Selim and Kırlangıç team start working in their new office. Selim explains the rules, duties and responsibilities of the team. Their first task is to make an invention as a group. Meanwhile, Yiğit Efe loses his family’s bracelet.

Hearing that Selim has moved to the neighbourhood and that he will prepare the Kırlangıç group for the race, the Company assigns Aspar the task. Aspar will follow the work of Selim and Yiğit Efe, collect information about the project and report it to the Company. Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9

Selim tells the team they need a place to work on the project. The children start looking for a place without Selim’s knowledge. Ayşe decides to support the team and opens the office inherited from Yiğit Efe’s parents for the first time in years. This surprise will be a great motivation for Selim and Kırlangıç team.

Aspar forms his team by recruiting neighbourhood children Şahin and Müge. Will Aspar and his team be able to gather information about the Kırlangıç project? What surprises await the team in the new office? New events in the neighbourhood, children’s project excitement and surprising developments will be in Code Name Kırlangıç in the second episode.

Yiğit Efe, who participated in the drone competition with the drone he designed and produced himself, finished the race in second place. This is where the paths of Zeynep and Yiğit Efe, who came third in the same competition, cross for the first time. Aspar and Selim, who are employees of a mysterious structure called the Company, are opposite to each other. Aspar intervenes in the race and prevents Yiğit Efe from coming first. Selim, on the other hand, is not yet aware of the Company’s real plan. Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9

Immediately after the race, the Company gives Selim a new task and asks him to steal Yiğit Efe’s project and bring it to them. Even though Selim cannot stomach this task, he moves into Yiğit Efe’s apartment. On the other hand, Zeynep and her family also moved to the neighbourhood. Although Zeynep does not get along well with Yiğit Efe, she quickly gets along with the children in the neighbourhood.

Will the company be able to get hold of the secret project? Despite Aspar’s evil, will the children manage to become a group?

Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 9 English Subtitles

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