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Kan Cicekleri Episode 221 English Subtitles

Kan Cicekleri Episode 221 English Subtitles FREE. Kan Cicekleri Season 2 Episode 221 with English Subtitles Full Episode

Baran is trying to learn the name of the enemy from Sabiha. Kudret also has an effective conversation with Sabiha on the same subject. All Karabeys are focused on finding the enemy. Will Sabiha give Cevahir’s name to the Karabeys? While Sabiha is confused about what to do, Baran makes an important decision regarding Sabiha.

On the other hand, Baran, who increases security measures and accelerates investigations, finds a clue about the attacker of his family. However, Hasan is also aware of this clue. And he will try to prevent Baran from achieving the result. Cevahir has a new surprise for the Karabeys.

Havin is grateful to Fırat for saving her life. Gül is disturbed by the closeness between Fırat and Havin and becomes jealous of Fırat. Fırat, who wants to put an end to this jealousy, offers to announce their marriage to everyone. But someone hears this conversation and nothing will be the same from now on.

While Yasmin is looking for a job, Harun continues to look for a cook. Will Cevdet and Cevriye be able to break the ice between the two?

Havin comes to the door of the hut but is neutralized by Şair. Sabiha also came to the forest. He calls Havin but cannot reach her. Fırat, who is looking for Cihan in the forest, finds Havin. While Baran and Dilan are walking deep into the forest, a gunshot is heard; Even though Dilan is very scared, they continue to search for Cihan with great faith that they will find him.

Cevahir and Şair settled in a spot where they could watch the hut from a distant point. Cevahir looks through his binoculars and waits for Baran to arrive. According to his plan, when Baran opens the door, Cihan will die thanks to the mechanism he set up. Baran and Dilan finally come to the hut. Baran looks through the window and sees Cihan inside. Will Baran fall into the trap set by Cevahir? You can also Kan Cicekleri Episode 220 English Subtitles

Hasan, on the other hand, decides to run away because he is worried that something might happen to him. But he cannot succeed.

Harun rants after Yasmin spills the food due to her carelessness. Eventually, the argument escalates and Yasmin decides to quit her job. Harun later learns that Yasmin was sleepless all night because she was taking care of Cevriye, and he realizes that he made a mistake. So, will Harun be able to apologize to Yasmin and bring her back?

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Kan Cicekleri Episode 221 English Subtitles


Barış Baktaş – Baran Karabey
Yağmur Yüksel – Dilan Karabey
Nalan Örgüt – Azade Karabey
Erol Yavan – Kudret Karabey
Yılmaz Ulutaş – Hasan Karabey
Göksel Kayahan – Cihan Karabey
Gökhan Gürdeyiş – Fırat Karabey
Nazan Bayazıt – Sabiha Emiroğlu
Dilan Düzgüner – Havin Yıldırım
Ekrem Aral Tuna – Cevdet Demir
Dilek Güler – Cevriye Demir
Ekrem Aral Tuna – Cevdet Demir
Buse Bedir – Gül Soysal
Nuray Şerefoğlu – Kader Soysal
Oğuz Okul – Seyis Ahmet
Alp İlkman – Cevahir
Hacı Bayram Dalkılıç – Şair
Mertcan Öztürk – Harun

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Kan Cicekleri 221 with English Subtitles Full Episode

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