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Watch Kan Cicekleri Episode 149 English Subtitles

Watch Turkish series Drama, Romance with English Subtitles Free! – Kan Cicekleri Episode 149 English Subtitles For Free!

Serial: Kan Cicekleri
Title in English: BLOOD FLOWERS
Genre: Drama, Romance
Actors: Baris Baktas, Yagmur Yuksel
Duration: 48 minutes
Quality: FULL HD
Year: 2022, 2023

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Kan Cicekleri Episode 149 English Subtitles

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Watch Kan Cicekleri Episode 149 English Subtitles

Channel 7 does not lose first place in daily TV series to anyone. Blood Flowers becomes an indispensable part of the screen with its passionate scenario. The story of Dilan, who is stuck between his dreams and the future of his family, and Baran, who wants to end the feud, takes its place on the screen with Blood Flowers.

Blood Flowers is a guest in homes with its gripping story. The series, starring Barış Baktaş and Yağmur Yüksel, deals with the great love that begins with a blood feud. The story of Dilan, whose dreams and hopes were taken away from him, and Baran, who had to marry to end the blood feud and save his brother from this cycle, will be presented to the audience with Blood Flowers.

Watch Kan Cicekleri 149 English Subtitles

The Karabey and Demir families suffer many losses due to the blood feud that has been going on for years. While these two families are dragged from Mardin to Istanbul, the news they have been waiting for years later comes to the Karabeys’ mansion. Bloody Seyit was found. But Baran does not want bloodshed and in order to stop this, he chooses to marry Seyit’s daughter Dilan, despite the family elders. Dilan, on the other hand, puts his dreams aside and accepts this marriage to prevent more people from dying. But this marriage is like a prison for both of them.

Watch Kan Cicekleri Ep 149 English Subtitles

Will this forced marriage be enough to end the feud? Will Dilan and Baran, who have been enemies forever, be able to put aside what happened and look at each other’s faces? Will this relationship, which creates harsh winds between two hearts, turn into love?

The forced marriages of Baran, who does not want to sacrifice his brother for the sake of tradition, and Dilan, who puts all his dreams aside and marries someone he does not know. Kan Cicekleri Ep 149

BLOOD FLOWERS is a Turkish Drama, Romance Series with English Subtitles Available now on our website – don’t miss any Bölüm. The Turkish drama and romance series is hosted by Kanal 7. We are just sharing for the audience with English Subtitles. Watch More Historical series Kurulus Osman, Alparslan, and action series Al Sancak.

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