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Serial: Hayatimin Nesesi

Title in English: JOY OF MY LIFE

Genre: Comedy, Family

Actors: Aras Senol, Ezgi Tombul, Metin Coskun, Sebnem Bozoklu, Tolga Tekin

Duration: 114 minutes

Quality: FULL HD

Year: 2023



In the first episode of “The Joy of My Life”, we will get to know the happy nuclear family of Neşe and Mustafa with two children and Mustafa’s family. As they witness these people with different characters and their lives, the audience will feel like a part of this family.

The happiness of Neşe’s married life and the peace of being in a family, her daughter Zeynep’s dislike of her mother being a housewife, her son Emre’s fondness for computer games, Mustafa’s brother Serdar’s insistence on not working in the heirloom fabric shop, and Aylin’s love for computer games. meeting and falling in love with him… And of course, Aylin’s meeting as the family’s new bride-to-be was very complex and full of setbacks… The avalanche of misunderstandings will offer an exciting and entertaining viewing experience.

Watch Hayatimin Nesesi with English Subtitles

But how will Neşe’s paths cross again with Sevda, her ex-university flatmate and now a professor? How will Neşe’s decision to return to medical school affect everyone’s life? Will Serdar’s father find out that Mehmet Aylin is not a doctor? How will the evening of Neşe and Mustafa’s wedding anniversary turn into a mess?

While the ties between Aylin and Serdar are getting harder, Mustafa’s wedding anniversary fiasco is a big disappointment for Neşe. However, Neşe’s decision to go back to school and Sevda’s reactions to this situation increases the conflict between the two.

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On the other hand, Neşe’s courage to return to the faculty and the difficulties she faces start from the moment she steps through the school’s door. However, Neşe’s determination surpasses Sevda’s insistence on dropping out of school. Neşe’s meeting with Mustafa and Mehmet in the hospital leads to unexpected results.

While a new bond of friendship is established between Aylin and Neşe, the new order in Mustafa’s house brings with it many difficulties.

Neşe’s rush between school and home causes new developments in the family.

While Neşe takes responsibility for both her home and school, we will also see the surprises Mustafa has prepared for Neşe. These surprises not only provide entertaining moments for the audience but also add a new dimension to Neşe and Mustafa’s relationship.

On the other hand, what will happen after Serdar’s marriage proposal to Aylin will increase his curiosity even more. Serdar’s beginning to look for a new cafe and the fun moments that this process will bring will be an important part of the episode.

But not only young people but also adults will enter an active process. Is Rüçhan Sayar returning to the popular days of the past thanks to his grandson Emre? When Neşe gets into trouble with her old friend Sevda, Sevda threatens Neşe against Mustafa, which will complicate things even more.

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While the ‘big news’ announced by Mustafa to the family, who thinks Neşe is pregnant, draws attention, the loss of all the courage that Neşe gathered to explain her situation opens the doors of an episode that is full of fun and exciting moments. The fact that Mustafa’s attention is entirely on Neşe further confuses the balances in the house.

Rüçhan Hanım moves into Neşeler’s house when her house floods and activates the usual warm and funny home atmosphere a little more. When Türkan learns that Aylin is a singer, what will happen to Serdar will complicate things even more. Watch this episode

On the one hand, Saliha’s mother keeping up with Türkan and finding a new suitor for her, on the other hand, the conflict between the two mothers-in-law and what awaits Mehmet Bey, who is in the middle, will bring excitement to the peak this week.

In the new episode, Serdar’s complaint about Aylin’s video on social media is enough to strain the relationship between them. While Neşe’s surprise will make everyone smile to improve Zeynep’s morale, the chaos that arises when Emre has an accident and the whole family gathers in the hospital will give the audience pleasant moments.

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Neşe’s effort not to reveal her secrets in all this chaos will lock the audience to the screen. On the other hand, the events that developed with the expectation of Mehmet Bey’s birthday celebration and Saliha Hanım’s aesthetic appointment at the hospital draw the elders of the family into chaos.

When Mustafa invites Sevda to dinner, the risk of everything coming out for Neşe increases.

The big woman lives as if she has to respect a family life where she can’t say “I’m going to school, I’m going to be a doctor”. If my husband and my children and his family don’t respect me, why do I respect anyone who sees family as just a woman’s sacrifice, I am amazed at everyone. Hayatimin Nesesi 7 Fragmani

The colorful story of a woman named Neşe and her family, who dropped out of medical school, got married had children, and returned to school after taking advantage of the amnesty after the children grew up. This is, Hayatimin Nesesi (Joy of My Life). Watch Hayatimin Nesesi with English Subtitles

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