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What is Çöp Adam about?

Çöp Adam (Star TV) – Dizilah
Çöp Adam tells the love story of game developer Tamer and banker Peri, who meet in an extraordinary way and are trapped in a dangerous yet beautiful game

What is the English name for Cop Adam?

Meanings of “çöp adam” in English Turkish Dictionary : 3 result(s) stickman n. stick man n. stick figure.

Family problems tired Tamer, who started struggling with life at a very young age, rather than the fight for bread. Tamer managed to protect the child inside him by turning all these difficult conditions into a game. He was left in an orphanage by his parents, and he and his sister Meryem grew up there.

Tamer is now married and has a child. When the computer game he designed became a big hit, a giant American company became a partner in Tamer’s company. Tamer, who suddenly became rich, first bought a mansion on the Bosphorus to gather his family under one roof.

His mother Aysel and father Bülent are in great joy when they settle in the mansion, but it will be very difficult for Tamer to make up for the painful days. The balance Tamer tries to establish is turned upside down the moment he meets Peri. Peri, who came to the point of giving up on life due to the severity of the blow she received from the closest person, suddenly finds herself in Tamer’s secret world.

Watch Cop Adam English Subtitles

Tamer, who rolls up his sleeves to learn Peri’s story, becomes even more dangerous when he encounters facts he never considered. Peri, who suddenly found herself in Tamer’s secret world while her connection with life was cut off like a knife after receiving a blow from the one she trusted most, is confused about what happened.

The shadows of the past will not leave Tamer alone, as he gathers his entire family together to silence the voice of his conscience. Every time both Meryem and Tamer see their parents, the wounds they thought were healed bleed deeper. Bülent and Aysel enjoy the opportunities offered by Tamer.

Berrin, who tries to manage everyone and watches Tamer’s strange behaviour with anxiety, is already tired. Tamer is aware that his instant decision will cause big problems, but he is also aware that there is no turning back from the path he took. Finding herself in a completely different struggle without being able to experience the pain of her great loss, Peri shows at the first opportunity that she will not give in to Tamer easily, with the strength she gets from her anger.

Watch Cop Adam English Subtitles

Unable to use the opportunity she had to escape from the cellar in which she was locked up, Peri is once again left alone in her despair. Her sister Ahu’s suggestions, confusing coincidences and small clues cause Berrin to question Tamer’s loyalty.
The game that Tamer started without thinking about the end becomes even more dangerous when Berrin discovers the cellar. While everyone is taking care of Damla, who had an accident, Peri comes face to face with death in the cellar.

Meryem, unaware of Yavuz’s plans, is about to lose her heart to him. Peri and Tamer, who are slowly starting to communicate, are not yet aware that the situation has progressed to another dimension, but Tamer does not give up on the game he is playing and decides to push the limits even further.

Tamer, who has access to clues about Peri’s past, wants to make a surprise that will make her happy by risking all the dangers. Peri, who wakes up in Ayvalık from the sleep she fell in the cellar, is astonished. Berrin, who goes crazy after Tamer’s sudden disappearance, brings chaos to the mansion. Moreover, the little evidence that escaped Tamer’s attention is like a document of betrayal. It is clear that more difficult days await Berrin when her older sister Ahu decides to divorce her husband and comes to settle in the mansion.

Watch Cop Adam English Subtitles

Confident in Yavuz’s sincerity, Meryem is unaware that he is a witness to their secret meeting. Tamer and Peri discover each other and test their courage during the time they spend in Ayvalık. However, this time, there will be no winner or loser of the game they decided to play together. Youtube

At the end of the day they spend together in Ayvalık, Peri and Tamer’s forced relationship moves to another dimension. Tamer, writhing with guilt, decides to release Peri at the expense of losing his freedom by agreeing to any punishment. Tamer, who prepares himself to pay for the crime he committed along the way, notices the change in Peri. IMDB

Shaken by the pain and fear she has experienced in recent days, Peri does not have the courage to start her life from where she left off. Everyone in his family is trying to get their share of the money Tamer earns and is trying to turn misfortunes into opportunities. Peri and Tamer, who had the opportunity to get to know each other better on their way back to Istanbul, find themselves in an even more dangerous game when the separation comes.

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