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Best Prepaid Debit Cards List January 2024

Prepaid debit cards, also referred to as “reloadable” debit cards, enable you to pre-load funds onto your card, ensuring they are available for your use when needed. Once funds are added, the card functions like a traditional debit card, offering versatility for various purposes such as cash withdrawals, bill payments, and online or in-store purchases.

The primary advantage of reloadable debit cards lies in the ability to add precisely the amount of money required. This feature helps prevent overdrawing or accumulating debt, providing a flexible solution. This flexibility makes these cards beneficial for scenarios where spending needs to be controlled, such as when a child obtains their first debit card. The Best prepaid debit cards For January 2024 listed here are recognized as some of the best options available currently.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards for January 2024
Best Prepaid Debit Cards

Best prepaid debit cards for January 2024

Card NameBest forCash reloads feesFree ATM network
Cash App CardCash App Customers$0Not available
Walmart MoneyCardWalmart customers$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhereNot available
NetSpend Visa Prepaid CardPairing with a savings account$3.95Not available
Bluebird by American ExpressAvoiding fees$3.95Over 37,000 MoneyPass® ATM locations
Serve American Express Prepaid Debit AccountEarning rewards$0 in network, $3.95 out of networkOver 45,000 retail locations
ONE VIP Visa Prepaid CardSupporting underserved communitiesVariesNot available
FamZoo Prepaid CardFamilies$4.95 for cashNot available
Greenlight Prepaid MastercardKids/teensVariesNot available
Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa CardVirtual debit cardsVaries, typically $3.95 or $4.95Not available

Our recommendations for the best prepaid debit cards

cash cardCASH CARD
Cash reloads fees$0
Free ATM networkNot available

For regular users of Cash App, the Cash Card proves to be a convenient method for accessing funds in your Cash App account. Functioning as a Visa, it is widely accepted at both online and retail establishments. Balances stored on the Cash Card are FDIC-insured up to $250,000, ensuring the safety of your money. The card offers the advantage of adding special offers through the Cash App, enabling users to save money on their purchases. Buy All in One Credit Business Card in Amazon

it’s important to note that the Cash Card does not provide cash-back rewards, meaning there are no additional earnings with each purchase. The card does not offer access to a free ATM network. Each withdrawal incurs a fee of $2.50, even when using in-network ATMs. Additional charges may apply when using out-of-network ATMs.

Best for Walmart customers: Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart Money Card
walmart money cardCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkNot available

This card provides varying cash-back rates for different types of transactions. Purchases made on earn 3% cash back, while transactions at Walmart fuel stations result in 2% cash back. In Walmart stores, you can earn 1% cash back. The card offers a 2% annual percentage yield (APY) on savings, capped at a maximum average daily balance of $1,000. Other features include up to $200 in overdraft protection and the absence of a monthly fee.

it’s crucial to be aware of a significant limitation: the cash-back is capped at $75 annually.

Best for pairing with a savings account: NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card

Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card
net spend prepaid visaCash reloads feesUp to $3.95
Free ATM networkNot available

The NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card offers numerous advantages, such as no credit check, no minimum balance requirements, and no activation fees. Users can also receive payments through direct deposit, potentially gaining access to funds up to two days earlier. An added feature is the “purchase cushion,” providing coverage for purchases up to $10 in case of insufficient funds. Further benefits include cash-back options and the opportunity to earn up to 5% annual percentage yield (APY) on a linked savings account.

Best for avoiding fees: Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird Prepaid Debit Card
bluebird prepaid debit cardCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkOver 37,000 MoneyPass® ATM location

The Bluebird by American Express stands out for having the lowest fees overall, avoiding unnecessary charges such as card fees or monthly fees. Furthermore, there are no cash reload fees at Family Dollar, and Walmart locations charge a lower fee of $3.74. The card allows for free cash withdrawals at 37,000 locations within the MoneyPass ATM network. users can benefit from Early Direct Deposit, potentially receiving payments up to two days earlier.

Best for earning rewards: Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account

Serve Prepaid Debit Card
serve debit cardCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkOver 45,000 retail locations

The Serve prepaid debit account by Amex offers an uncommon feature among debit cards by providing unlimited 1% cash back on both in-store and online purchases. Funds are promptly added to the account once the transaction is settled with Serve. Debit cards do not earn cash back, which is more common with credit cards. The Serves prepaid debit account stands out as an exception, allowing users to redeem their cash back on purchases made either in-store or online.

Best for supporting underserved communities: ONE VIP Visa Prepaid Card

ONE VIP Visa Prepaid Card
one vip debit card imageCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkOver 45,000 retail locations

The ONE VIP Visa Prepaid Card is a cash-back earning prepaid card, offering one point for every $2 spent. Users receive 1.5 points for every $1 spent on Netflix, Uber, Sephora, and at specific Black-owned businesses, with a list currently comprising 25 such businesses. it’s important to note that this card comes with a $7.95 monthly fee and does not provide access to a free ATM network.

Best for families: FamZoo Prepaid Card

FamZoo Prepaid Card
famzoo debit card imageCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkNot available

The FamZoo Prepaid Card is designed to cater to the entire family. Parents have control over accounts and financial rules, being able to view both their own and their kids’ account details. Meanwhile, kids can only access information about their accounts. The platform allows for instant money transfers between family member accounts in case someone needs additional funds. it’s essential to note that this service is not free. Fees begin at $2.50 per month for a 24-month payment plan or $5.99 per month for monthly payments.

Best for kids/teens: Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard

Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard
greenlight prepaid debit cardCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkNot available

The Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard is an excellent option for teaching kids responsible debit card usage. It offers various features, including the ability to link allowance to chores and establish spending limits for children. The card also provides the opportunity to earn up to 5% on savings and 1% cash back. Parents can even earn up to 3% cashback. Monthly plans for this service start at $4.99.

Best for virtual debit cards: Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card
movo virtual prepaid visa card imageCash reloads fees$0 with Walmart app, $3 at Walmart locations, up to $5.95 elsewhere.
Free ATM networkNot available

The Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card caters to the digital age, ideal for online transactions and virtual wallets. Unlike traditional physical cards, the Movo card is entirely digital, eliminating concerns about losing a physical card. Operating on the Mastercard network, it is accepted by millions of merchants in the U.S. and worldwide. Users can access their funds at Mastercard ATMs in their local area.

Our methodology for Prepaid Debit Cards

Our criteria for selecting the best prepaid credit cards primarily focused on minimizing cash fee reloads. We also prioritized cards with expansive networks of free ATMs. we considered factors such as suitability for families. The overall goal was to identify prepaid cards that specifically address the needs of prepaid cardholders, acknowledging the distinctions from traditional debit cards.

How to select the best prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit card features may vary, but here are some common considerations for individuals using such cards:

Low fees

Prepaid debit cards frequently involve fees, which can encompass monthly charges, cash reload fees and ATM withdrawal fees. Avoiding excessive fees is crucial when selecting a prepaid debit card, so pay close attention to the fee structure and opt for a card with a reasonable and transparent fee policy.

Free ATM network

Many prepaid debit cards are not associated with major banks that offer extensive ATM networks. This can be a concern, as using an ATM outside your network often incurs fees. some prepaid debit cards form partnerships with large ATM networks, allowing users to make fee-free withdrawals at ATMs across the country. This can be a beneficial feature to consider when choosing a prepaid debit card.

Ease of reloading

Reloading your prepaid debit cards should be convenient, and top-performing cards offer multiple reload options. This could involve cash reloads, direct deposits, or bank transfers. Before choosing a prepaid debit card, ensure that your preferred reload method is supported to streamline the process.

Benefits & perks

Prepaid debit cards sometimes have extra benefits and perks, such as cashback, rewards programs, or discounts at certain retailers. While these are mostly a bonus, they could tip the scales if you are trying to decide between two cards. it’s worth noting that the prepaid debit cards with the best perks sometimes have monthly fees.

Low-fee alternatives to prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit cards can have their uses, but they may not always be the optimal choice. Depending on your circumstances, you might want to explore low-fee alternatives like online checking accounts.

  • These accounts allow online money management, often with no monthly fees or minimum balances. Online banks, lacking physical branches, tend to pass on cost savings to customers. they typically provide debit cards, ensuring convenient access to your funds.
Chase Total Checking®
chase logoMonthly fee$12
Minimum deposit$0
BonusNew Chase checking customers enjoy a $300 bonus when you open a Chase Total Checking® account with qualifying activities
  • Credit Unions: Some credit unions may offer lower fees compared to large banks, and they may be more willing to work with families and underserved communities. Research credit unions in your area to find suitable options.
  • Mobile Money Management Apps: Apps like Paypal provide money management services and offer a debit card, functioning similarly to a prepaid debit card.
  • Mobile Payment Apps: Platforms like Venmo and Cash App provide debit cards without monthly fees. These apps allow you to spend only the available funds in your account, similar to a prepaid debit card.
  • Secured Credit Cards: If you are building credit, secured credit cards can be helpful. Many report to major credit bureaus, and some do not charge usage fees, assisting in establishing a healthy credit history.

The optimal choice depends on your circumstances. However, prioritize options that eliminate excessive fees and provide convenient access to your funds.

Where to buy prepaid debit cards

There are many ways to buy prepaid debit cards, both online and in person. Below are some common places and methods.


The card issuer’s website is often one of the simplest ways to purchase a prepaid debit card. Explore the websites of the mentioned card issuers in the above list, as they usually offer online sign-up options. For individuals without internet access, alternative methods below may be considered.

Retail stores

Local retail stores, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and major retailers like Target and Walmart, often sell prepaid debit cards. Check near the cashiers or in a display case alongside other financial products, such as gift cards, to find them.

Bank & credit union branches

Certain banks and credit unions extend prepaid debit cards to their customers. Even if you don’t hold a checking or savings account with them, you can inquire at a branch near you to see if they offer prepaid debit cards.

Check cashing stores

Check cashing or payday loan stores may occasionally provide prepaid debit cards in addition to their other services. If you visit one of these stores, inquire to find out if they offer prepaid debit cards.


Major pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS frequently offer prepaid debit cards for purchase. When visiting these stores, check near the front of the store to find prepaid cards.

Prepaid vs regular debit cards: What’s the difference?

Prepaid debit cardRegular debit card
Typical funding sourceCash reloads, direct deposit, bank transfersChecking account
Possible feesMaintenance fees, ATM fees, overdraft feesCash reloads, cash withdrawals, balance inquiry
Overdrafts possible?NoYes
Builds credit?NoNo

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do prepaid debit cards work?

Prepaid debit cards enable you to preload money onto the card in advance. Common methods for reloading include cash reloads, bank transfers, and direct deposit. Once the funds are on the card, you can use it like a traditional debit card for both in-store and online purchases. It’s important to note that overdrawing is typically not allowed with prepaid debit cards.

Who is eligible for prepaid debit cards?

Prepaid debit cards are accessible to nearly anyone in the United States. Basic eligibility requirements may include being 18 years old and presenting a valid form of identification. Additionally, certain prepaid card accounts are designed for families, permitting the request of debit cards for children under the age of 18.

Is there a fee to cancel prepaid debit cards?

Cancellation fees for prepaid cards can vary by the card issuer. Some cards may charge a fee for cancellation, while others may not if the card has a zero balance. In some cases, a fee may be imposed for closing the account or for issuing a check with the remaining balance. To obtain specific details about cancellation fees, it is advised to review the terms and conditions of your card.

How do you add money to a reloadable debit card?

Various options are available for loading funds onto a prepaid debit card, such as in-person cash deposits, bank transfers, direct deposits, and check deposits via a mobile app. It’s essential to be aware that certain methods may involve fees. For specific details, it is recommended to check with your card issuer.

How do you apply for a prepaid debit card?

The simplest and most direct method to apply for a prepaid debit card is often through the card issuer’s website. Alternatively, you may also have the option to apply at convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail locations. Generally, the application process involves filling out and submitting the required forms. Once your application is approved, you can expect to receive your prepaid debit card within seven to 10 business days.

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