Benim Guzel Ailem

Benim Guzel Ailem with English Subtitles

Bittersweet days of a big family that adheres to its traditions. Benim Guzel Ailem

Season 1

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Benim Guzel Ailem

Benim Guzel Ailem Season 1 Highlights

Episode 19 — Rasim doesn’t know what to do when Adnan breaks the seal and enters. Meanwhile, while Canan is preparing dinner at home, unaware of everything, an official minibus approaches the door. Adnan’s usual carelessness makes Rasim angry. While Canan is experiencing the joy of being reunited with her home, the police realize that the seal has been broken the house has been entered, and the door of the house is sealed once again. When the police chief tells Rasim, “6 months to 3 years in prison,” Rasim gets worse. Benim Guzel Ailem Youtube

Finding himself in an abandoned warehouse with Gökçe’s revenge plan, Ferdi’s desperation increases even more when Gökçe comes to him and shows him the photographs. Realizing that Gökçe intends to break things off with Öznur, Ferdi offers Onur, “I will do whatever you want.” Mahmut notices the rapprochement between Oğuz and Tuğçe and tells this to Feryal. Feryal jumps with joy at what she hears.

Nedim wants to change the face of the antique sofas for a charity, unaware of what is inside. With Adnan next to him, he lifts the mattress and the rolled-up money scatters around. While Adnan wants to take the money and establish a joint business, Nedim opposes this idea. Benim Guzel Ailem

Canan enters Sina and Damla’s house silently at midnight. Sina, one of the newlyweds sitting by candlelight, said, “The municipality cut off our electricity too, sir. “I’m not actually rich as you think,” he jokes. Benim Guzel Ailem with English Subtitles

Nedim, angry that Tuğçe came home late, sees his daughter getting off the motorcycle. He thinks that the person next to him is Oğuz and starts hitting him, but the person he actually hits is Mahmut.
When Gökçe cannot return to the series, she takes her revenge on Ferdi. Photos leaked to the press caused confusion in the family and led to the series being taken off the air. Benim Guzel Ailem

Episode 18—- While Damla and Sina are happy to achieve their goals finally, Canan and Fidan start counting the gold and money spent at the wedding. Adnan’s mind is on the money at home. The newlyweds set out for their dream, Budva. However, Canan does not like the honeymoon plan. But the real problem arises when they go home. Benim Guzel Ailem

The municipality sealed the house. While Rasim and the whole family experience a great shock and investigate the truth of the matter, Adnan secretly takes the bundle full of gold and money and puts it in the trunk of the car. His other plan is to secretly take the money left at home from everyone. When Rasim says that they will not be able to enter the house during the weekend, the whole family, especially Canan, starts making plans on where they will stay. Everyone’s common decision is to stay at Sina’s house… Benim Guzel Ailem with English Subtitles

Ferdi, on the other hand, is happy when the clothes he wanted for his family arrive from the producer of the TV series he stars in. However, when the boxes are opened, the emerging clothes are surprising. While there is a panic at home about who will sleep where, suddenly the following question comes to mind: Where is the bundle containing the gold and coins worn at the wedding? Rasim and the whole family search for the bundle in great panic, but no one finds it… Adnan watches the panic from a distance with pleasure…

When the newlyweds’ honeymoon dream gets stuck in Damla’s fear of flying, Damla and Sina decide to return home. When he enters their house at night while everyone is sleeping, all hell breaks loose. Angered by Ferdi’s dismissal from the series, Gökçe attacks Ferdi on the set. Benim Guzel Ailem with English Subtitles

Adnan, thinking about the money in the house, does whatever he can to sleep comfortably, removes the seal of the house and enters. When he leaves the house in a panic in the morning, he takes his camera but forgets the suitcase full of money. Adnan, who is worried about money, re-enters the house. While Rasim is inside, the official minibus pulls up to the door. Rasim shouts at Adnan again: “You burned us, Adnan!” Benim Guzel Ailem

Episode 17—- While Ina is excited about asking for Damla, she encounters an unexpected surprise. Sina, who gets into a fight with Gürdüz’s men, tries to save herself. Meanwhile, there is a rush to ask for it at home. Ferdi, Nedim and Kaan are pursuing a plan to make salty coffee for Sina. Feryal, on the other hand, has difficulty convincing her son to include Oğuz in the marriage ceremony. While Sina is fighting with Gürdüz’s men, Mahmut comes to her rescue. Hearing the sounds of the growing fight, Nedim, Oğuz, Ferdi and Kaan immediately run to Sina’s house. Despite the chaos, the marriage ceremony takes place.

However, this time tension arises between Canan and Feryal. Sina, who drinks coffee with salt and pepper, suddenly falls ill. Everyone panics. When Adnan brings the oxygen mask, Sina regains consciousness a little. While everyone is shocked by what happened, Rasim makes the final point: “No matter what the circumstances, this will end tonight!” Dilek Tasi

Canan still said, “How can this Sina mother-in-law not have seen it yet?” He is determined to do his best. Sina assigns her lawyer to reveal Gürdüz’s dirty deeds. On the other hand, she speeds up the wedding preparations thanks to Adnan, who secretly tells her about Canan’s plans. But Canan has no intention of giving up.

Meanwhile, while Ferdi’s acting career continues, Öznur goes to the set and makes a plan for Gökçe, whom she is jealous of. However, Gökçe is determined to take her revenge. While everyone, from Rasim to Sina and Damla, is experiencing great joy, an event that happens at home will shock everyone again.

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