Barbaros: Sword of the MediterraneanBarbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kılıcı

Barbaroslar Episode 17 with English Subtitle

TRT’s historical drama, based on the life of “Barbaros” Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers. The series tells the adventures of Ishak, Oruc, Hizir, and Ilyas fighting high tides and the secrets of the seas in pursuit of the holy secret. Barbaroslar Episode 17 with English Subtitle

Barbaroslar episode 1 watch online

Khizir’s brothers were involved in maritime trade. His brother Aruj, along with his younger brother Ilyas, carried on trade at sea. Later, after acquiring a ship for himself, Khizir also began his career at sea. Although his brothers initially worked as sailors, they later began working in the Mediterranean as private ships entitled to attack and plunder enemy ships. They vowed to resist the fleet recruited by Knight St. John. Barbaroslar episode 1

St. John established his base camp in the Rhodes Islands (until 1522). Aruz and Elias continued to operate in the region between Levant Anatolia, Syria and Egypt. Khizir operated in the Mediterranean. His base camp was in Thessaloniki. The eldest brother Ishaq stayed in Middelhi and took care of the family’s finances.

Barbaroslar Episode 17 with English Subtitle

From childhood, Khizir and his brother Uruj used to roam the ocean. They had no interest in education. They earned their livelihood by trading in the sea. They had two more brothers – Ishaq and Ilyas. Seeing the bravery and influence of Barbaros Khizir and Uruz, the Ottoman Sultan Selim (Yavuz) included them in the Ottoman Navy. Later Sultan Suleiman (lawful) promoted Barbaros Khizir as the chief captain of the Ottoman navy. He is known in history as Barbaros Khairuddin Pasha.

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Death of Elijah, Captivity and War of Aruz:
Aruj was a successful seafarer. He became proficient in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Arabic in his early career. After a trading expedition from Tripoli to Libya, Arouz’s ship was attacked by Knight St. John’s troops on the way back. Ilyas was killed in the battle and Aruz was mortally wounded. Their father’s ship was taken by the enemy and Aruj was imprisoned in the knight’s castle at Bodrum for about three years. After learning of his brother’s whereabouts, Khizir did not sit back, coming to Bodrum and helping his brother escape.

Khizir’s career under Aruj:

In 1503, Oruj was able to assemble three ships and set up his new base camp on the island of Djerba to conduct his operations in the western Mediterranean. Khizr joined Aruj at Djerba. In 1504, the brothers approached Sultan Abu Abdullah Muhammad Hamis of the Beni Haf dynasty of Tunisia and strategically requested permission to use the port of Goliti for their expedition.

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Their plea was accepted on the condition that they pay one-third of their profits to the Sultan. Later, off Lipari, they captured a Sicilian warship with 380 Spanish soldiers and 60 Spanish knights that was sailing from Spain to Naples. In 1505 they raided the Calabrian coast. This increased their fame and they were joined by some famous Muslim pirate ships. In 1508 they raided the coast of Liguria, especially Diano Mariana. The Barbarossa series is based on the life stories of the Barbarossa brothers. Barbaroslar episode 1 IMDb

Barbaroslar episode 1

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