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After Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha swore at his grave that he would avenge those who martyred Aydın Reis, he received the news that Seyyare had disappeared. On the other hand, Charlemagne, who poisoned the Pope in order to protect his throne, is pressured for the antidote by Isabella, who regrets the arrangement they made together.

What will happen in Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19?

However, he is unaware that this plan was also foreseen by Barbaros. Barbarossa will keep the oath he swore at Aydın Reis’s grave and will seize Dorya as well. However, the messenger sent by Pargalı İbrahim Pasha will prevent Dorya from asking for an account. On the other hand, Derviş, who continued to go on the subject with a name he got from Şahsuvar so that the games that were set up would come to an end, will tell Barbaros what he has learned, who is preparing to appear in the presence. Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani 19

Barbaros Hayreddin appears before Grand Vizier Pargalı İbrahim Pasha and sees that the death warrant has been given, with a hangman being sent to his head. Derviş, who saw no choice but to tell Suleiman the Magnificent, went out with Yahya Efendi and saved Barbaros’s life.

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Barbaros Hayreddin, who had set his sail to death again, told Derviş to stay in Payitaht and continue to follow the politics of Pargalı İbrahim before this expedition, and Derviş will learn that Grand Vizier Pargalı İbrahim Pasha has a secret that he cannot answer to Kanuni Sultan Süleyman.

Series Summary

A spin-off of the 2021 historical drama, Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı, Barbaros Hayreddin: Sultanın Fermanı follows the heroic struggle of Barbaros Hayreddin and his friends, who are appointed as Captain during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent.

Barbaros Hayrettin, who makes the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake by waving the flag of the Ottoman Empire, establishes the secret intelligence organization ‘İTİMAT’ (Confidence) by order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Barbaros shows the desired intelligence network with Aydın Reis, Salih Reis, Kandiyeli, Dervis who later joined them, and Mia de Luna, a wealthy Venetian merchant.

Barbaros Hayreddin 19 English Subtitles

This intelligence network will end the unfinished Vienna expedition with victory. The danger that Barbaros is in due to his duty will threaten his family in Istanbul from time to time. Barbaros Hayrettin and his friends will do their best to open the gap between the enemies and prepare the environment for the conquest of Rome.

How a 16th-century maritime genius changed the maritime borders of three continents, inspiring Turks for generations to come. Known as the lion of the Mediterranean, Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa demonstrated outstanding seamanship as a grand admiral of the Ottoman navy in the early 16th century.

Under Hayreddin Pasa’s watch, Ottoman naval power increased manifold, as did its naval conquests.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Hayreddin Pasa continues to be held in high esteem in Turkey, so much so that during the 2019 Blue Homeland naval exercise, Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin episode 19 English Subtitles Barbaros Hayreddin episode 19 English Subtitles

Turkish warships saluted his grave, the Tomb of Barbaros, three times with a foghorn. they sailed along the coast of Istanbul’s Besiktas district. Barbaros 19

Before the naval exercise, the tomb was open to visitors half a day a week. It’s now open five days a week, and the change in time reveals just how strong an inspiration Hayreddin Pasa has been in modern Turkish life.

The Turkish government even named its main drilling ships after Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa and other legendary Ottoman figures: Fatih, Yavuz, and Kanuni.

With Turkey recently discovering large gas reserves in the Black Sea, historical icons like the Hayreddin Pass, which made the Ottomans a major naval power on the global stage, have rekindled curiosity among ordinary Turks who want to know more about the celebrated admiral. kurulus osman

Born on the island of Lesvos in what is now modern Greece, in 1478, Hayreddin Pase’s real name was Khizr or Khidr. He was nicknamed “Barbarossa” because of his red beard. The Ottoman Sultan Selim I gave him the honorary name “Hayreddin”, which means “the best of the faith”.

After his death in 1546, the Ottoman Empire announced: “The leader of the sea is dead.”

As the youngest of four brothers, he began trading between Lesvos, Thessaloniki, and Euboea in present-day Greece with a ship he built.

His brother was known as Baba Oruc (Oruc Father) because he helped Muslim refugees fleeing the Christian Crusaders in Andalus. He transported them to North Africa with his fleet. Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani Episode 19

Hayreddin Pasa was clever and bright as a young man, although he had a tendency to mock his contemporaries. As a young man, he was known for his fiery rhetoric. He was brave but prudent.

He was strong-willed but with an innate fighting instinct.

After his successes in the Mediterranean as commander of his fleet, he made sure to invest in his subordinates by educating them and treating them with respect.

He was multilingual and spoke all the major Mediterranean languages, such as Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and French.

After rescuing his brother Oruc from the prison of the Knights of Rhodes, the siblings declared their loyalty to the Ottoman prince Sehzade Korkut, the brother of Selim I. Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

In 1504, Hayreddin and his brother engaged in a struggle for naval supremacy against Spain, Genoa, and France in the Mediterranean. In the end, they emerged victorious.

The Barbarossa brothers then invaded Algeria and took over the country from the Spanish state in 1516. He offered the conquered land to Selim I and Algeria became part of the Ottoman state.

Hayreddin Pasa maintained the security of the sea lanes by ending Venetian hegemony in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.

Despite some sources calling the Barbarossa brothers former Mediterranean corsairs, Istanbul University history professor Idris Bostan previously told Anadolu Agency that Barbaros was an admiral who harmonized the navy. Barbaros Hayreddin 19 English Subtitles

He was experienced as an architect and ship engineer.

There are attempts to belittle him by calling him a ‘pirate’, Bostan said, but such claims are inconsistent with authentic Ottoman history.

The professor added that Barbaros participated in many operations in the Mediterranean. He knew all the Mediterranean ships because he occasionally saw them on the coast of Algeria, inspected them, and connected them with his forces.

After the death of Selim I, his son Suleiman (“The Lawgiver” to the Turks and “The Magnificent” to the Europeans) was crowned Sultan of the vast empire. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19

Suleiman made Hayreddin Pasa the chief admiral of the empire. At one point in the 16th century, historians say he was the most powerful sea lord, commanding fear and respect from friend and foe alike.

In about two decades, it extended its influence to North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Eastern Atlantic. He also had fleets of privateers and a land army. He attacked the coast of southern Europe and seized Spanish ships from America with gold. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 English Subtitles

Following the growing power of the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean, which was to become the ‘Ottoman Lake’, in 1538 Pope Paul III organized a naval crusade against the highest Ottoman admiral.

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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 English Subtitles

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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

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