Ates Kuslari

Ates Kuslari with English Subtitles

Ates Kuslari with English Subtitles Watch Online Ates Kuslari Season 2 English Subtitles Download

Season 2

Season 1

Ilayda AlisanGülayse Ates – Lara Eyüboglu
Hande SoralMercan Ates
Burak TozkoparanBarbar – Barbaros Tunali
Görkem SevindikAli Ates
Konca CilasunHacer Eyüboglu
Erdem SanliZipkin – Zafer Ates
Emir ÇubukçuSabit Ates
Almira Tuana AlbayMercan (Child)
Umut InanAli (Child)
Fuat Fatih OdabasiSabit (Child)
Berke ObuzZipkin (Child)
Umut Ege BastemurKara (Child)
Kaan SeviCemal
Onat BulutHalis
Ahmet SaraçogluÇatal – Talat Sahin
Görkem DoganPamir
Serkan AcayNecdet
Gökay MüftüogluSuat

Ates Kuslari with English Subtitles

Watch Ates Kuslari Season 2 English Subtitles Download OsmanOnline

Ates Kuslari

“We are enough for each other. We are firebirds rising from the ashes…”
As we enter the year 2000, 5 street children are in the hands of a man who makes children beg: Ali, Mercan, Zıpkın, Sabit, Kara… They manage to become brothers as if they defy all the treachery of the world. Since they have no roots to hold on to, they cling to each other and call themselves rootless.

The fate of the rootless people changes one night when they find a baby in the garbage. Mercan becomes a mother to the rootless at a young age. Ali is also the father… Rootless people who cannot take care of themselves decide to raise this baby even if it is with what they find in the garbage. But this won’t be easy. Because the same night is pregnant with a great sin. Ates Kuslari

This secret, which the rootless people will carry on their backs throughout their lives, will hurt Ali the most. Both Çatal, who made them beg, and the secret of that night will haunt them. The 23-year-old curtain of mystery for these street children, who survived by holding on to each other, will be reopened when Gülayşe falls in love and Barbaros Commissioner enters their lives… Ates Kuslari

Barbaros Commissioner finally kept his promise to Nizam Eyüboğlu and found his daughter Lara. However, baby Lara is not abandoned. She is now the Rose of the Firebirds. How will Barbaros manage to separate Gülayşe from her siblings?

The great struggle of the Firebirds

Firebirds, on the other hand, will face the danger of losing their nests due to a lack of identity and money. Can they find a way to avoid ending up on the streets again?

How will the rootless ones take care of their babies? Ates Kuslari

In the past, Köksüz Tayfa, who escaped from Çatal and had no roof over their heads, ended up on the street with a forty-day-old baby. What will the Köksüz family, who became the family of the baby they found in the garbage, struggle to keep their little baby alive?

The Firebirds, whose nests are reduced to ashes, are left homeless and return to the streets where they started. Will Ali be able to save his family from the streets this time? Ates Kuslari

In the past, the Köksüzs tried to become a family and survive in their first home, built on top of Istanbul.


Zıpkın cannot bear what Gülayşe is going through and finds a way to get Mercan into the Eyüboğlu mansion as a maid to reveal the secrets of the past. Will this path lead them to their goals?


On the other hand, Gülayşe is astonished to return to the street, which was her first home after being found in the garbage, and thinks that she has left Barbaros forever.

However, Barbaros went after Gülayşe to take her to her father. Even though Gülayşe is not aware of it, Barbaros is watching her at all times.

While Ali tries to protect Gülayşe from Çatal and Mercan and Zıpkın try to reunite her with her father, Gülayşe decides to dive into dangerous waters for Yakup. She enters the fork’s lair. She also steals Çatal’s stash. Ates Kuslari

Mercan and Zıpkın are determined to trace the past in the Eyüboğlu Mansion and prove the culprit. Zıpkın’s plan starts to work smoothly. But will Eyüboğlu hire the anonymous Mercan? Will Zıpkın and Mercan find the woman who threw Gülayşe into the trash that night twenty years ago?

Çatal, who is after Gülayşe, is now also after her money and is even more dangerous. That money will bring Çatal one step closer to the Firebirds. The firebirds’ bond of brotherhood will face a completely different test this time.

In the past, the rootless people who tried to escape from Çatal and take care of Gülayşe eventually got caught. How will the Kökless people manage to protect Gülayşe this time?

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