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Watch Ates Kuslari Season 1 Episode 13 with English Subtitles

Watch Drama Series Ates Kuslari Season 1 Episode 13 English Subtitles For FREE Watch Turkish Drama Series Ates Kuslari English Subtitles FREE!

Gulayse is standing in front of Zumrut.

Although Gulayse tries to set herself on fire to protect her family from Catal, neither Ali nor Barbaros will allow it. This time, Gulayse stands in front of Zumrut so that Ali does not become a murderer. The sharp blade in his hand will either return to Emerald or to himself. Will Zumrut tell Fork where the Firebirds are? ates kuslari episode 13

First meal of Gulayse and Barbaros

Gulayse is finally in front of Barbaros, whom she fell in love with at her first dinner.

Barbaros’s big secret is revealed?

While Barbaros is trying to get rid of Catal’s game, Sabit learns Barbaros’ big secret. Barbarossa is the police! Will Gulayse learn this secret of Barbaros? Will this lie come out when you think you have found your love?

Little Constant facing his mother

In the past, a great test awaits the Koksuz. He encounters his mother in the streets. Or will a new life begin for the Rootless?

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Ates Kuslari Season 1 Episode 13 English Subtitles

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Series Summary

Most street children do not reach the age of twenty. It cannot be said that those who saw it lived. Drugs, violence, sexual harassment, hunger…

The fate of street children is either prison or grave. Five of these children manage to resist this fate. Calling themselves “Rootless”; The Firebirds, the oldest of which is 13, the youngest is 6 years old, one girl and one autistic, five street children who find a forty-day-old baby in a garbage dump and tell how they turned from “Rootless” to “Firebirds“; will cover the stories of children resisting hardship, pain and fate against all odds.

The fate of the rootless is changed when they find a baby in the garbage one night. Coral becomes a mother to the rootless at a young age. Ali is also the father…

Rootless people who cannot take care of themselves decide to raise this baby with what they find from the garbage. But it won’t be easy. Because the same night is pregnant with a great sin. This secret that the rootless people will carry on their backs for life will hurt Ali the most.(ates kuslari episode 13) Both the catal who begged them and the secret of that night will not leave them behind. For these street children who survived by holding on to each other, the 23-year veil of secrecy will be opened again when Gulayse falls in love and Barbaros Commissioner enters their lives… Best Website Turkish series Watch

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