Al Sancak Season 1Al SancakAl Sancak 19Al Sancak Episode 19 with English SubtitlesAl Sancak Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

Watch Al Sancak Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

Al Sancak Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

Claw Team Commander Captain Ali Banazli encountered Nadia, who he thought had died in the operation, in the garage of his house. Nadia promised to reach the murderers of Ali’s friend Attila, who was martyred; and she offers to work with the Turkish State to destroy the octopus she was dependent on. Will Captain Ali accept Nadia’s offer?

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On the other hand, Turkiye faces a great terrorist threat. The octopus led by Mithat is on the edge of committing a great and bloody action. They are planning to cause great chaos in the country and the world by destroying the Turkish Stream Pipeline with a chemical-tipped missile. Captain Ali and Claw Team will reach the information about this terrorist act with the documents they obtained in the island raid and will take action to prevent the octopus.

What will be the fate of Suleyman, who was seriously injured in the operation? Captain Ali and Claw Team will manage to capture one of the most important names of the octopus. Who will this person be? In addition to all this, Captain Ali will have to search for the missile with Nadia in order to eliminate the ongoing missile threat. Will they be able to escape the danger? Will Captain Ali be able to find the missile with the support of Nadia and prevent the approaching disaster step by step?

Series Summary

The year is 2025. Crises of climate, migration, hunger, and energy are now even deeper. Global powers use terrorist organizations in proxy wars to control energy basins. There is only one bright spot in this dark image. Turkey. Making a great development in the defense industry, Turkey creates new military policies appropriate for the new order. So, the most competent soldiers are brought together in special teams under the Turkish Armed Forces’ Special Forces Division as the legal framework is established after National Security Council’s decision.

The first of those, the ten-man HUNTER TEAM, organizes military operations in Turkey and in different regions of the world against threats that openly target Turkey or harm the interests of the country. The action aspect of the project will be represented by the successful missions, and the drama aspect will be based on the personal stories of the characters.

The famous name plays a soldier in the Al Sancak series, starring Ugur Gunes. Although no official statement has been made about the subject of the series, it has become certain that it is a military series, as seen from the trailer. It was determined that Ugur Gunes’s partner in the series was Gulsum Ali İlhan, one of the popular series titled Gonul Dagi. Al Sancak 17 with English Subtitles kurulus osman season 4

The age of chaos that started in the world caused all countries to review their security policies. When the energy basins are left to the control of terrorist organizations, a new era is entered in which border security begins far beyond the border. Al Sancak 19 with English Subtitles

Developing strategies suitable for changing conditions, TAF creates elite teams that carry out point-and-shoot operations within the scope of special forces in the country and abroad. One of these teams is the Al Sancak Team. The Alsancak Team not only destroys the threats against Turkey but also strengthens Turkey’s hand in every field with its deterrence as the “dove of peace, the eagle of war”. He struggles devotedly in different geographies of the world for the sake of his country and humanity.

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Al Sancak Season 1 Episode 19 with English Subtitles

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Watch Al Sancak Season 1 Episode 19 English Subtitles

Watch Al Sancak 19 with English Subtitles

Watch Al Sancak Episode 19 with English Subtitles

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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 125 with English Subtitles

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