Watch Aile Season 2 Episode 26 with English Subtitles

The facts revealed during the family holiday and the events of the last night shake everyone deeply. Soykan Wanting to get rid of his curse, Aslan takes action to erase Yusuf Soykan’s name from everywhere.
in passing; He gives Hülya time to confess what happened in the past. I wonder if Hülya, Soykan? Will she bury her surname and become Hülya, the mother of her children? Otherwise, she started her life as Hülya Soykan. Will it continue? Aile Season 2 Episode 26 with English Subtitles

Devin, who supports Aslan in this process, receives the best news of his life: Devin is pregnant! This
While the news brings Aslan great happiness; It also fuels the anxieties he tries to suppress. Aslan accelerates his plans to build a new life with his family of three, away from everything. Cihan, on the other hand, takes action to ensure that everyone hears about the experiences of the woman he loves. Hülya’s every He corners him to explain something.

İlyas’ world falls apart when he learns the truth about Serap. İlyas, Yusuf Soykan He waits for the time when he will take action to make all the Genocians pay for their sins. this period He carries out his secret plan during this time. Bedri, who learned that İlyas was his biological father, was shaken by this fact; get into big trouble It will sting. Nedret, who cannot hear from his son, asks Aslan for help.

The whole family comes together to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Everyone happily walks back towards the new year. while counting; Will Ilyas be successful in his secret plan?

The family series will discuss the changing balances within the family, the developing events and the most controversial aspects of the concept of ‘family’, when Aslan, who is the head of the Soykans, a wealthy family, meets Devin, a psychologist who was injured in the same place as him.


Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Serenay Sarıkaya, Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Ushan Çakır, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Ecem Simge Yurdatapan, Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu, Nur Sürer.

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Episode 14

After the Soykan table was destroyed, Aslan tried to gather his dispersed family together; He bought a marina to start a clean page in his life. On the other hand, Devin is determined to end her marriage with Aslan after the price she paid. That’s why she hired a divorce lawyer. A video leaked to the internet during the marina’s opening made the healing wounds bleed again; Everyone wonders the answer to the same question: Who leaked the video? If you want to watch Aile Episode 14 with English Subtitles

After the leaked video, Devin finds himself in a seaside town far from everyone. However, he will not be able to escape from only one person: Aslan.

Aslan tries to convince him so that they can become a family again and heal Devin’s wounds. However, Devin will not easily forget the price he paid for this love.

While we were having big showdowns at the donation night of the Hülya Association; Learning that he has been living in a big lie for years, Cihan is now against the Soykans with all his might. He is determined to make the family pay for what has been stolen from him so far.

A painful truth Devin learns about himself brings him to the point of breaking up with Aslan again. Devin finds himself at a major turning point. He will either stay or go.

Aslan, who receives big news that will affect the nobles, takes action to keep his family together; Everyone’s life will change irreversibly with a decision they make.

Episode 15

The whole process was progressing as Aslan planned for the detained Soykans; Devin’s move he makes will throw everything out of control. The family now faces a great danger they never expected is face. While Aslan is trying to find Tolga to regain control; Hülya sets a treacherous trap for Devin, whom she sees as the sole responsible for all that happened. Devin, will either die or go to jail. If you want to watch Aile Episode 15 with English Subtitles

Cihan and Serap, knowing that Tolga is the ticket to salvation for the Soykans in the investigation opened,
He takes action to find Tolga. The moment both sides trapped Tolga in their nets The developments that will occur will disrupt everyone’s plans. Aslan, who is aware of the trap set for Devin, saves him from a great danger at the last minute and takes Devin to a mountain house. Despite Devin’s objections, that night they spent in the chalet, the duo had big exams; They make an irreversible decision about their relationship. Leyla confronts Hülya again for her children. That night will be a big turning point for Leyla, who takes her children and returns to her own home.

After a surprising development, Leyla asks Devin for a big favour. Soykans Aslan, who held a press conference on his behalf, taught a great lesson to those who did not show light to his family. An unexpected guest who attended that meeting was the Soykans, especially Aslan.

Episode 16

A new era begins for the Soykans when Devin returns to the farmhouse for the children; During the investigation, a large fine was imposed on the Soykans. Looking for a partner at the marina to pay the fine, the first person Aslan knocks on the door is his aunt Nedret Soykan, who lives in Adana. However, Nedret asks Hülya for something that will force her to accept this offer. Accounts left unfinished in the past between the two women will be reopened. If you want to watch Aile Episode 16 with English Subtitles

While the need for Nedret drives Hülya crazy with anger; Aslan begins to look for other ways to find the necessary money. On the other hand, he does his best to prove Leyla’s innocence. There is another person who dares to save Leyla: Cihan. However, this causes a big conflict between him and Serap. Following an unpleasant incident that Zeyno experienced at school, Aslan and Devin go to the school as parents.

While the duo tries to solve the problem; The problem will gradually grow. On the other hand, Devin, who has started to do his job, hosts a surprise guest in his clinic. Surprise developments on Leyla’s side bring the whole family to the edge of the cliff. Lion; It will irreversibly change the lives of the Soykans, especially Hülya.

Episode 17

After the fire broke out in the farmhouse, Hülya was experiencing the pain of losing her home, which was her biggest castle in life; Aslan does his best to save Leyla from prison. For this, Melek must live. On the other hand, Aslan, who received a negative response from Nedret about the marina partnership, is forced to engage in shady business again to pay the first instalment of the large fine imposed on the Soykans. However, Devin; wants to prevent Aslan from entering this irreversible path. If you want to watch Aile Episode 17 with English Subtitles

İlyas and Cihan, who learn that Aslan has returned to dirty work, see this as an opportunity. While İlyas comes face to face with Aslan for the first time at the marina; Cihan, on the other hand, takes action for a new move that will end the Soykans. On the other hand, the fact that Cihan learns about Serap will bring the duo face to face. While the Soykans decided to settle in the family’s old house; Nedret, one of the shareholders of that house, comes face to face with Hülya again.

On the other hand, Aslan and Devin return to where everything started after receiving good news. The end of that night will turn into a challenge for Aslan and Devin’s relationship. The time required to pay the first instalment of the penalty is getting shorter. Aslan even risks death to save his family from this trouble. However, Devin will present the Soykans with a surprise they never expected.

Episode 18

With Devin convincing Nedret, the desired partner for the marina is found. However, Nedret’s arrival in Istanbul will change all the balance in the family. While Hülya tries to maintain her dominance at home against the fierce enemy with whom she will now live, old books will be opened. On the other hand, Aslan, while trying to maintain his dominance in the marina against his partner Bedri, goes after the traitor who caused his business to be undermined. If you want to watch Aile Episode 18 with English Subtitles

Thinking that İbo is now a big threat to them, İlyas and Serap want to exclude him from the game. While Serap was making the necessary plan; Cihan also had someone new in mind that they could make an ally for themselves. He takes action for this.

Confronted with Devin for bringing Nedret, Hülya is determined to make Devin pay the price for his interference with her family through his own family. Hülya’s move causes Neşe a big problem. While Devin tries to protect his mother; He returns to that night years ago, which he doesn’t even want to remember. While Aslan does not leave Devin alone; He will try to make the woman he loves believe in the healing power of love.

While things get worse for Leyla, Aslan finally finds the traitor among them. He gathers the whole family at the new table he made with his own hands. All Soykans are now at the same table for the first time. However, a nice family dinner will cause unexpected events.

Episode 19

İbo, who came to the brink of death at the family table, started to fight for his life in the hospital where he was taken. while starting; What happened that night was a great trauma for Kaya and Zeyno. your children away from home When they want to leave, Devin takes action. If you want to watch Aile Episode 19 with English Subtitles

Leo, whose sole purpose is to keep his family together, learns that Devin is a party to the custody case. This situation confronts the two while bringing; On the other hand, Aslan appears before Serap with the evidence he has. This evidence
He uses it as leverage against Serap to save Leyla from prison. Well Serap, Leyla’s Will he help her regain her freedom?

Dream; When he finds out that Devin took his grandchildren away from home, he comes up with a big plan. for Elijah Nedret learns that he is trying to pull Bedri to his side; Years later, he appears before İlyas.
Bedri, on the other hand, will come face to face with Aslan, who will make a new business deal at the marina.

When Kaya gets sick, a big parenting test begins for Aslan and Devin. Dual,
When a surprise person knocks on Kaya’s door for treatment; Aslan, Devin, Kaya and Zeyno are single
They become a family of four, even if just for the night.

Hülya’s plan for Devin begins to work. However, Hülya gets a surprise she never expected.
encounters. On the other hand, Aslan learns about Devin’s biggest trauma which he buried years ago.
makes an important decision. After Devin’s big step, things get worse at Soykans.
while mixing; A new war will be ignited within the family.

Episode 20

As the Soykans begin to see the results of the news in the press; The lion takes the custody case seriously
He comes face to face with Devin and Nedret, who want to turn it into a fight. breaking news Hülya, whose statement was taken because of her face, attacked Devin and Nedret in both arms to make them pay for this. When starting the attack; Nedret puts a big wolf in Devin’s stomach. I wonder if Devin will ever see him again. If you want to watch Aile Episode 20 with English Subtitles

Is her inability to get pregnant a result of Hülya and Ergun’s cooperation? Aslan and Devin, who attended an important invitation for the future of the marina, declared a ceasefire for one night. It does. With this ceasefire, Aslan tells Devin that they can fight hand in hand rather than face to face. As you remind him, the fire of love flares up again. Waking up in a hotel room the next day, Aslan and Devin.

He doesn’t remember anything about the night. What happened between the two last night?
Taking action to save Serap, İlyas devises a plan with Cihan. bilateral cooperation They ask for important help from Bedri, whom they are with. Aslan comes face to face with Nedret and Bedri after his new decision regarding the marina. After the move they made against Serap, the İlyas and Cihan front became more dangerous for Aslan. while taking shape; Ibo, for whom Aslan made him pay a heavy price for his betrayal, also opens his eyes.

Now It is only a matter of time before a separate struggle begins for Aslan on every front. Soykans come together for Eko and Elif’s wedding. Every second that passes in the wedding hall tension escalates; Aslan and Devin find themselves in love, away from all this tension. They deliver it to your arms. While the duo is about to step into a new beginning; A big thing to happen at the wedding The incident turns all plans upside down.

Episode 21

Devin, who finally surrendered to love after months, suddenly finds himself facing the biggest test of his life. finds it inside. While Aslan is fighting for his life in the hospital, Devin saves the man she loves from life. He decides to find the person or people who tried to break him off. But alone on this path, It won’t work. The greatest pain of their lives brings Hülya and Devin together. If you want to watch Aile Episode 21 with English Subtitles

These are two women While fighting back to back for this cause, they go after the shooter who shot Aslan. I wonder if this incident Who is the instigator? Elijah? Cihan? Nedret and Bedri? Or Ibo? The note found in İbo’s room, whose treatment continues at home, further raises Hülya’s suspicion. While raising money, Devin confronts Bedri at the marina. He does everything for Bedri’s ambitions. Realizing that he is someone who can do this further fuels Devin’s suspicion.

While Bedri continues to implement the plans he established with Nedret; In Aslan’s absence İlyas, who managed to save his daughter from prison, pursues an important problem. list of suspects Cihan, whose other name is Cihan, takes the first step towards becoming a family with Serap. But the wedding A dangerous surprise awaits them today. As the circle narrows, the shooter is eventually caught. Who instigated Hülya and Devin? They roll up their sleeves to find out. But it is not easy to make the shooter talk.

It won’t happen. When Devin reaches the truth using his methods, he will be answered.
There is only one question left: Would you let a person live? While the smoke behind the incident is being cleared, Aslan is struggling to survive in the hospital. There is a significant improvement in health status. Now, the person who created this treacherous plan for Aslan, or It is time for people to pay the price.

Episode 22

As a new era begins for Soykans; Aslan and Giant continue their love from where they left off.
They continue. Devin makes a suggestion that he thinks will be good for both of them after everything that happened. found is starting couples therapy. Hülya takes action to regain her old power. His first step will be to take back the land of the farmhouse. If you want to watch Aile Episode 22 with English Subtitles

The results of Devin’s tests to see if she can get pregnant come out. giant’s breath While receiving in the hospital; Learning about the cooperation of Bedri and İlyas, Aslan comes up with a plan that will make the duo break each other establishes. Learning that they have a chance to become parents, Aslan and Devin make new changes in their lives.

They make a decision. When the day comes, they will raise their babies in a new home of their own. As Aslan takes action to find the house of his dreams; The couple shares their decision with the family. shares Faced with the possibility of losing her son, Hülya falls ill in front of everyone. Devin, While I thought that Hülya’s situation was psychological; The lion is his mother’s emotions He believes he is manipulating.

Universe; He learns that Hülya sent a hitman to his wedding. To cover your happiest day with blood
He will give the biggest lesson to Hülya, who is working hard, by breaking her power. On the other hand, Bedri’s İlyas, who learned that he was his son; gives Nedret one day. Until this time is up, Nedret,
He has to explain the facts to Bedri. Aslan and Devin start couple therapy.

Therapy is sabotaged by Aslan telling crime stories while; Devin will realize that his job is not easy at all. On the other hand, Aslan and Devin finally find the house he wants to live in. A farewell dinner is organized at the Soykan table. However, Hülya is determined not to lose her son Aslan, whom she loves more than her life.

Episode 23

After Hülya’s big gamble with her life in order not to lose her son, Aslan is at home. In exchange for their continued stay, he imposes a condition for Hülya’s recovery: She must undergo therapy. to start Devin, on the other hand, becomes a wall against Ergun, who tries to reach him. Ergun, who lost everything after his hospitalization, needed help to save himself from the situation he found himself in. If you want to watch Aile Episode 23 with English Subtitles

He starts threatening Hülya. On the other hand; Nedret also has a new idea to fight with Hülya. finds a front SEVDEM Foundation. Learning that İlyas and Bedri’s cooperation is continuing, Aslan tries to pull Bedri’s foot this time. He has a plan to cut off the marina completely. Devin has a surprise guest at his clinic who will host.

Determined to go to couples therapy, Devin finds a new therapist. In this therapy session they understand that to improve their relationships, they must first improve their relationships with their families Aslan and Devin find themselves at a dinner with Hülya. What happened that evening, while allowing us to get to know a Hülya we had never seen before; will be unforgettable for everyone. At a celebration dinner held at the marina, Devin decides with Aslan’s support. However, life will test Aslan and Devin in places they never expected.

Episode 24

While Devin mourns his father’s death, he receives the greatest support from Aslan. However, Ergun’s
With the emergence of suspicion of murder in his death, a new struggle begins for Aslan and Devin.
starts. Aslan’s research points to two people who may have caused Ergun’s death: Sermet, Hülya and Ergun’s former partner. Shaken by the possibility that Hülya had a share in what happened, Aslan finds himself in the hardest time of his life. If you want to watch Aile Episode 24 with English Subtitles

He finds it in his exam. The person who ordered Ergun’s death; What happens to Aslan if his mother is on the road to recovery? will it do? Chasing the truth with this huge burden on his back, Aslan tracks down Ergun’s partner. Devin, on the other hand, continues his research on Hülya. Hülya, who started working for the Sevdem Foundation’s upcoming presidential election, has a big rival: Nedret. He thinks that Hülya had a hand in Ergun’s death. Nedret will not let go of this incident.

Cihan tries to be good for Serap, who is dragged into a great depression. seraph’s story about Soykans
Realizing that he has a big secret, Cihan tries to heal the wounds of the woman he loves. On the other hand, Bedri goes after the secret his mother keeps about the past. Aslan and Devin come to the end of their research. If the instigator of this incident turns out to be his mother Aslan will have to make the most difficult decision of his life. So who is behind Ergun’s death?
who? Hulya? Or is it his former partner Sermet?

Episode 25

Aslan and Devin, who continue couple therapy, decide to go on a private vacation. However
Seher’s condition worsens as her disease progresses. After receiving this news, the couple went on holiday. They turn Seher’s birthday into a family holiday to celebrate. However, Seher has one last thing to do. He has a wish: To see Cihan and Serap with the world’s eyes during this holiday. While Aslan keeps his distance from this idea, Hülya’s attitude becomes much harsher. If you want to watch Aile Episode 25 with English Subtitles

Hülya’s reaction increases the suspicion that Serap knows something about her past. This doubt makes Aslan and Devin activate. I wonder what the secret Hülya is keeping about Serap? Cihan decides to take Serap and join the family holiday as a surprise. Serap is the past He begins to implement his secret plan to close the accounts. The wounds of the woman he loved Cihan, who wants to heal, ask Aslan and Devin for help as a last resort.

Four, all together They spend the night. Talking to Devin that night will be good for Serap. During this holiday, Hülya receives information that will corner Nedret. On the other hand, to his mother, It’s time for Bedri to settle accounts with İlyas after learning what happened. While what she witnessed during the holiday increased Serap’s loneliness; everyone to an inevitable end drags. At Seher’s birthday dinner, the secrets kept for years are finally revealed. This is what happened at the table; It will deeply shake the whole family, especially Aslan, Devin and Cihan.

Aile Season 2 Episode 26





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