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Adim Farah Episode 23

Farah is a 28-year-old Iranian doctor who works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul and witnesses a murder committed by the mafia. Adim Farah episode 23 English subtitles

Farah is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant, and his son Kerimsah’ had a disease. The immune system is naturally weak and susceptible to diseases. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. But Farah’s world is turned upside down overnight. She witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place she goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz. Since she is an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants her killed and this task is given to Tahir.

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An action, crime, and drama TV series is a show that combines elements of action, crime, and drama genres. Here’s a brief breakdown of each genre:

Action: TV series in the action genre typically involve intense physical activities, stunts, and combat scenes. The focus is on fast-paced sequences that keep the audience engaged and excited.

Adim Farah episode 23 English subtitles full episode

Crime: Crime dramas revolve around criminal activities, law enforcement, and the legal system. They often feature detectives, police officers, or other law enforcement agents solving crimes, investigating cases, and dealing with the complexities of the criminal justice system.

Drama: Dramas, in the context of TV series, explore character development and interpersonal relationships. They delve into the emotional lives of the characters, often addressing personal struggles, conflicts, and growth over time.

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When these three genres are combined, you get a TV series that not only features action-packed sequences but also revolves around crime-related plots and explores the personal and professional lives of its characters. Examples of action, crime, and drama TV series include “Breaking Bad,” “24,” and “Narcos.” These shows often blend elements of suspense, excitement, and character-driven storytelling.

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Adim Farah episode 23


When a series leaves me wanting to keep watching the second episode right away then it’s the right one! This is the case with Adim Farah! From the very first scenes, he glued me to the screen with an ever-increasing rhythm parallel to moments of great intimacy,

all reinforced by the great skill and credibility of the leading actors such as Engin Akyurek (Tahir), Demet Ozdemir (Farah), FIrat Tanis (Mehmet) and little Rastin Paknahad (Kerim) who managed to get into the characters and the story so well that I reached the end of the episode, after 2 hours, without realizing it and exclaiming “already finished!!!” I don’t know the story well, except in broad terms, of the series from which this remake is based, but I don’t care much in the end because I liked what I saw last night a lot!

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The cast, the screenplay, the direction, the editing, the photography and last but not least the soundtrack are perfect… in short, a great product.

I hope it’s just the beginning of a long exciting journey… I rarely find series that leave me with that eagerness to see the next episode and in this case, I can’t wait for next Wednesday! IMDB

Just a reminder, this website does not host any videos. We found the episode on Facebook for you to enjoy.

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